Cataloger information ModusDoc

Cataloger information ModusDoc


Changes and additions in versions ModusDoc


Versions 7.4.338 (03/20/2024)

  1. Added the ability to irrevocably delete files from disk.
  2. Fixed inaccuracies

Versions 7.4.337 (01/05/2024)

  1. Fixed not remembering the height of the lines when the settings indicate - remember.
  2. The "About..." window message: "The program is registered (activated)" or "Trial (test) version".

Versions 7.4.336 (01/27/2023)

  1. Fixed inaccuracy and sometimes an error when changing the fields of the document table.

Versions 7.4.335 (06/04/2021)

  1. Improvements have been made to the program. Fixed revealed inaccuracies.

Versions 7.4.333 (05/11/2021)

  1. Minor improvements to the program. Fixed revealed inaccuracies.

Versions 7.4.332 (02/15/2021)

  1. Fixed error # 13 Alias 'GRD_DOC' not found.

Versions 7.4.330 (11/25/2020)

  1. The procedure for checking the registration of the Windows component Mscomctl.ocx has been reworked, taking into account the latest changes in the OS and registration conditions.

Versions 7.4.328 (05/12/2020)

  1. Now the program at the end remembers the values and filter settings
  2. Fixed inaccuracies. Minor improvements to the program

Versions 7.4.324 (4/21/2020)

  1. Minor improvements to the program
  2. Fixed inaccuracies

Versions 7.4.323 (4/12/2020)

  1. Added the ability to cut, copy and paste groups (three new buttons on the group toolbar, four new items in the context and main menu).
  2. Minor improvements to the program
  3. Fixed inaccuracies and minor errors

Versions 7.4.322 (2/28/2020)

  1. When dragging records/records with inserted documents - added menu item - insert link
  2. Records - links to inserted documents are now displayed underlined
  3. Ability to rename a file in the database (inserted) - window updating record
  4. Fixed assignment inaccurate number (code) - per unit, when you enter a new entry in the menu / button
  5. Improved FTP client. Now remembers the size and position of the window, panels, sorting and arrangement of columns. Bugs fixed. Improvements made
  6. Fixed bug when dragging records with inserted documents into another group (copies of documents are created)

Versions 7.4.319 (2/4/2020)

  1. Added FTP client (Tools - FTP Client)
  2. The inserted documents are now stored on a disk with the name [Original file name] _ [99999999999]. [File extension]. For example: My file_00000000013.xlsx
  3. Minor improvements to the program
  4. Fixed inaccuracies and minor errors

Versions 7.3.315 (10/1/2019)

  1. Group tree branch can now be edited after pressing F2
  2. The active cell now has the same background and text color as the inactive cell
  3. In the context menu of document records, new items: Select all (in the cell), Copy (selected in the cell)
  4. Fixed revealed inaccuracies. Minor improvements

Versions 7.3.314 (08/29/2019)

  1. Fixed revealed inaccuracies and minor bugs.

Versions 7.3.313 (08/15/2019)

  1. All restrictions on inserted documents are removed. (Now there is no functional difference between inserted and linked documents).
  2. Note groups can now be edited directly in the main window.
  3. Showing / hiding group notes is now saved when you exit the program.
  4. Now the program by default remembers size and position of the main window.
  5. Fixed bug when dragging some hyperlinks (sites).
  6. Fixed revealed inaccuracies and minor bugs.

Versions 7.2.309 (7/9/2019)

  1. Fixed revealed inaccuracies and errors.

Versions 7.2.306 (6/13/2019)

  1. Now the program can scan a folder or disk with the creation of a tree of groups (corresponds to the structure of folders) and records - links to files.
  2. Adding a subgroup directly in the group tree (via the context menu).
  3. Minor improvements to the program. Fixed revealed inaccuracies.

Versions 7.1.301 (4/15/2019)

  1. Fixed inaccuracies

Versions 7.1.298 (2/18/2019)

  1. Fixed inaccuracies

Version 7.1.297 (2/12/2019)

  1. If a document / folder is entered / dragged from a network drive, the program now writes to the database not the drive letter, but the network path to this resource.
  2. In the network version, when the [Refresh Tables] button is clicked, the group tree is also updated (no program restart is required).
  3. Fixed revealed inaccuracies and minor bugs.

Version 7.1.294 (1/24/2019)

  1. Documents and folders in the cloud storage now open no matter where the cloud storage folder is located on computers (ModusDoc adjusts the path to the cloud).
  2. Improved switching between databases - almost instantly (Changed folder structure). Attention, databases of the new version will not be available for programs of previous versions!
  3. Now global search ([File] - [Global Search ...]) is also performed on user fields (columns).
  4. Other minor improvements made, inaccuracies fixed.

First cloud version 7.1.292 (1/10/2019)

Version 7.0.290 (12/21/2018)

  1. Improved import from previous versions
  2. Fixed inaccuracy when editing a tree branch
  3. Improved software installation
  4. Minor improvements and other inaccuracies fixed.

Version 7.0.286 (12/4/2018)

  1. The network version included all the changes made in the versions of the standard version 6.1.226 - 6.5.271.
  2. Now the databases of network version program can be located on Linux network resources.
  3. Installing the network version program on the server is now optional. You can administer databases from a workstation. For administrative actions, a password is now requested, which can be saved as well as changed (Tools - Utilities - Changing the Administrator Password). Administrator password - standard - admin.
  4. The program began to work correctly with data (documents) located on Linux network resources.
  5. The branch of the group tree can now be edited after double-clicking or through the context menu - Edit Name.
  6. Fixed inaccuracies and minor improvements

Version 6.5.271 (10/31/2017)

  1. Added icons in the tree groups with the ability to disable their display (Menu: Groups - Icons in the group tree)
  2. Minor improvements and inaccuracies fixed

Version 6.5.266 (8/15/2017)

  1. An option has been added in the settings window for the standard version - launch the program with Windows
  2. Fixed revealed inaccuracies

Version 6.5.256 (8/10/2017)

  1. Added the ability to global search (File menu - Global search ...)
  2. Added hotkey for selecting a database - Ctrl + F1
  3. Fixed inaccuracies and minor improvements

Version 6.4.253 (6/27/2017)

  1. Added the ability to mark entries with color (Menu Label - Text Color)
  2. Now you can change the font of the document grid (Documents Menu - Font Settings ...)
  3. Minor improvements

Version 6.3.244 (1/12/2016)

  1. When dragging the address bar from the browser, the name of the web page is written in the "Name" field.
  2. The assignment of a new record number has been improved - the numbers of the current group are analyzed, and the digital part of the largest number is increased by one.

Version 6.2.230 (8/14/2014)

  1. Now the program remembers sorting when exiting the program.
  2. A native Internet browser has appeared. The program settings indicate which browser to use to open Internet pages (IE, used by default or built-in).
  3. Fixed bug when opening a web page using the https protocol.

Version 6.1.226 (5/14/2014)

  1. The field! (Label) can now contain an image (icon). Use text or image in this field is specified in the program settings (you can switch from text to image).

Version 6.0.212 (2/9/2014)

  1. Fixed error when inserting into the database all the files from the specified folder.
  2. Now, when you delete multiple records - links to files offered to delete files from the Windows Recycle Bin.
  3. A new menu item [Documents] and context menu - [Open folder with file].

Version 6.0.176 (6/13/2013)

  1. In the portable version of the program, links to files and folders located on the same removable media now work regardless of which letter is assigned to the disk.
  2. Minor improvements

Version 6.0.175 (5/21/2013)

  1. In the program settings, it became possible to change (move) the folder for databases and the folder for temporary files.
  2. Archiving at the same time all the databases.
  3. Now when you insert a file (pasted), it is suggested to delete the file (s) from the disk to the Windows recycle bin.
  4. Ability to create a new (empty) document in Office 2007 format - .docx and .xlsx
  5. Deleting groups and entries is now carried out in the program’s own basket
  6. Other minor improvements.