Cataloger information ModusDoc

Cataloger information ModusDoc


Recommendations for installing the standard version of ModusDoc 7.4.x

If you have installed version 7.4 program, then the program should be installed in the folder with the already installed version, as a rule, this is the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ModusDoc 7.4

If you have installed the program version 7.3...7.0, 6.x, 5.0, 4.x, then the following installation procedure for the latest version is recommended:

  1. Install the program in the proposed folder (... Program Files (x86)\ModusDoc 7.4)
  2. After the first start, select the menu item [Tools] - [Utilities] - [Import databases and settings from previous versions of ModusDoc ...]
  3. Then, when the program starts, in the window about converting databases to a NEW FORMAT (this window may not be), click OK.
  4. For a registered program, activate the program with the key from version 7.x [Help] - [Activating ...]

Now you can test the program and make a decision about use. The previous and new versions of the program will work independently of each other.


After uninstalling (uninstalling) the previous version and launching a new one, a message about the absence / error of the component may appear. Click OK and confirm to correct the error.

After uninstalling (deleting) the program, the database and settings will remain on the disk. You can delete them yourself.
The settings and databases folder (ModusDoc [Version number]) is located in C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming